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Dingledine Trucking Services

Services Offered

Truckload Transportation

Trucking operation focused on transporting Truckload quantity shipments to and from points located East of the Mississippi River.

Dedicated Fleet Transportation

Providing dedicated equipment and drivers to transport inbound and outbound shipments.

Local P&D/Shuttle Services

Providing shuttle services and local pickup and delivery services.  Local trips are generally defined as 100 miles or less one-way.

Equipment Rental

Renting trucks, trailers, and other equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Transportation Brokerage

Managing transportation of truckload quantity shipments for our customers that are hauled by carriers other than Dingledine Trucking.


Providing – through an affiliate – contract and public warehousing services including rail service from facilities with space totaling more than 500K square feet located in and around Urbana, OH.

Dingledine Trucking currently offers a comprehensive set of transportation services designed to meet our customers’ needs. Tailored service offerings can be developed for specific service requirements. Just ask!


we constantly work with our clients to provide innovative services and approaches to drive savings to their bottom line.  Some examples of recent client innovations are described below:

Truckload Transportation 

  • We received a truckload volume bid package from one of our large customers and during the course of analyzing their shipment patterns determined that switching from truckload transportation to dedicated fleet operation on certain high-volume lanes would save approximately 30% on those lanes. We developed the route sequencing for their inter-facility shipments and developed their program for them. The customer has now switched to dedicated fleet operation and is realizing the savings on a daily basis.

  • Worked with a customer to analyze their LTL shipment patterns and developed consolidation opportunities for several major destinations. Have implemented a consolidation program with them to deliver multi-stop truckload shipments to their major destinations resulting in savings of 25% versus LTL costs.

  • Developed a Dedicated Capacity program for a major customer that has difficulty getting trucks scheduled for deliveries for loads that are routed late in the day for production reasons. Program guarantees trucks will be available in return for guaranteed loads effectively providing this customer with a dedicated fleet without the required investment. Customer service levels for late-day shipments have increased significantly without any increase in costs.


Dingledine Trucking currently operates a fleet of 50-plus tractors and 150-plus trailers to service our customers’ needs.  We have expanded the fleet in the past to meet specific customer needs (e.g. startup of dedicated fleet operations) and are very willing to expand again should the need arise.